Our Trainings

1.IA-PLC-S7-300/400 Getting Started

  • Overview of the S7-300/400 series
  • Basics of programming counters, timers and also conversion functions.
  • Basics of binary programming.
  • Program reassignment.
    All these points will be deepened with practical exercises


2.IA-PLC-S7-300/400 Advanced

  • Test trigger points
  • Using the cross-reference list
  • Program structure-assignment table
  • Implementation of the different types of blocks (FC, FB, OB, DB)
  • Mise en œuvre des différents types de blocs paramétrés FC, FB avec DB d’instance
  • Basic principle of an interruptive program (cyclic alarm, hardware alarm, etc.)
  • Processing of analog values ​​and associated conversion blocks - Finding hardware and software faults
  • Generalities/ S7-1200 configuration
  • Symbols use and definition
  • Programs structure
  • Project creation, programming, documentation, testing and troubleshooting.
  • Binary operations, timer, counter, comparator, calculation operations.
  • Data blocks Exploitation
  • Installation maintenance, loading and backup.


  • TIA Portal introduction
  • Hardware configuration, setup and diagnostics.
  • Addressing and wiring of signal modules, testing of wiring with visualization and forcing table.
  • Introduction to the editor of program blocks
  • Binary and digital operations.
  • Use of online functions for diagnostics of program blocks.
  • Documentation, project backup.


  • System Overview
  • Project creation & Management
  • Access to project data for standard interfaces
  • Graphic interface
  • Representation and message archiving
  • Representation of curves and archiving
  • User Archive
  • Log systems


  • Overview of the system environment TIA Portal, SIMATIC WinCC Professional
  • WinCC development software configuration interface
  • Presentation of the different editors
  • Creating WinCC Projects - Using the Picture Editor
  • Create simple views and configure basic objects,
  • Change object properties
  • Dynamization of objects (position, color, etc.).
  • Alarm system: definition of alarm classes, configure/display alarms


  • Overview of the PROFIBUS product range
  • Communications services offered by SIMATIC S7 on PROFIBUS
  • Configuration and diagnostic tools
  • Implemented PG Console routing.
  • CPU-CPU communication via integrated 2DP interface
  • Overview of Industrial Ethernet Features
  • SIMATIC S7 hardware resources for connection to Industrial Ethernet
  • Data transport with integrated PN interface of CPUs
  • IP addressing: Assignment of device names
  • IP addressing: Implementation of new features
  • Configuration and diagnostic software tools


  • Presentation of the SINAMICS range
  • Connection of power / control
  • Setting
  • the basic BOP or advanced IOP operator panel
  • Command Word and Reference Sources
  • Commissioning - Data management
  • Fault diagnosis and treatment
  • PROFINET/PROFIBUS communication and integration in STEP7


  • Overview of the PCS 7 system
  • Presentation of the development environment
  • Requirements and functional description of the process
  • System configuration and component specifications
  • Creating a Multiproject
  • Configuring Stations and Networks - Process Connection
  • Basic automation with APL
  • Basic functions for control-command
  • Implementation of manual and automatic modes