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IBTIKAR AUTOMATION is an industrial engineering company that realize automation projects.

 Our know-how covers automation, training and technical assistance.

We operate in the following industries: Food & beverage, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Water, Energy…

how can we help you?

We can assist you in the following steps:

  • Audit your facilities: to define your needs
  • Securing your processes: through the backup of all your applications
  • Improve your automation: By adding options in the programs or in the hardware
  • Train: A trained client is a client capable of making the right decisions.
Our services

Our Area of Excellence

Programming of PLCs, HMIs, (Human-machine interface), Variable speed drive settings, Renovation of old installations with process improvement, Migration, etc.


Training on PLCs, supervision software, drives and also on industrial communication.



On-site interventions, for diagnosis, recovery or modification of PLC programs, recovery or parameterization of variable speed drives